petroMESH was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada - the heart of the Canadian oil and gas and petrochemical industry.

Our mandate is to supply the highest quality, quickest delivery, locally manufactured knitted wire mesh mist eliminator products, now marketed under the trade name petroMESH DEMISTER®.

petroMESH has grown into a worldwide company offering complete gas liquid separation solutions and engineering services. We utilize the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry and are dedicated to ongoing innovative solutions through our superior research and development unit. Inside our R&D department you will find sophisticated equipment including our wind tunnel lab and computer fluid design (cfd) studies.

Emerging from our R&D fundamentals is our new Enhanced Double Pocketed (EDP) Vane Pack (US Patent 8,444,732) enabling the smallest vessels to be used in gas liquid separation applications.

Petromesh Inc. (petroMESH) is closely affiliated with Industrial Process Products Ltd. (iPP) who market our products worldwide through their Calgary office. Our success is due to providing consistent prompt customer service and high quality products. Our rush delivery, specialty design solutions utilizing our innovation and R&D qualities allow us to succeed globally.